What is Future??

  • Future is a mystery,

A skeptic person like me,

I wonder what’s gonna happen tomorrow,

whether good or bad,

a  profit or loss.

  • It’s not in our hands.

We are just the puppets,

tied to the strings controlled by the master.

Performing the play and dancing to his tunes.

He’s the one who makes us cry & make us laugh.

  • I want to get rid of the strings,

cut loose the contraptions,

Go out, see the world around.

Feel her Beauty & the touch of her love,

for agony that’s growing in my heart.

  • The Reminiscent past,

The lively and the playful present.

Tomorrow though I’m  free, the karma keeps us bound.

A revelation awaits to be disclosed…

As my gifts to happiness and sorrows are still closed.

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