Nimbonichya zhada maghe chandra zopala gha bai……(An ode to my childhood ) :)

Nimbonichya Zadamage Chandra Zhopala from the movie  Bala Gau Kashi Angai is an eternal angai geet(more like a rhyme).  A classic piece of composition which the opens the door to all the nostalgic memories of my childhood. We used to live in Kalyan (Eastern Thane, Maharashtra), the  place where i spent most of my childhood before moving south to Karnataka. Kalyan, the place where i first learnt to peddle a bicycle, to turn the toy top, bittersweet memories of my nursery and my school ‘Vani Vidyashala English Medium School’, the colony we lived in and the most importantly amiable people of  Vanashree Colony.

The incident I can still recollect dates back to more than 15 years from now, one of those days in the  exhausting hot summer in our old house. My grandmother singing to me this lullaby in her sweet voice and my head placed on her gently rocking lap trying to sleep. The song would induce deep sleep in me within moments and I’d be lost dreaming for hours. When my brother was born, my mom and grandma would sing the same lullaby to put him to sleep. I’d simply go lie next to her and close my eyes repeating the lines and fall to sleep. Those were the days where one did not have to worry about all the responsibilities, no hardship and just  lay in the comforting arms of my mother. Truly, “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play”.

(lyrics in Marathi)

निंबोणीच्या झाडामागे चंद्र झोपला गं बाई
आज माझ्या पाडसाला झोप का गं येत नाही

गाय झोपली गोठयात, घरटयात चिऊताई
परसात वेलीवर झोपल्या गं जाई जुई
मिट पाकळ्या डोळ्यांच्या, गाते तुला मी अंगाई

देवकी नसे मी बाळा, भाग्य यशोदेचे भाळी
तुझे दुःख घेण्यासाठी, केली पदराची झोळी
जगावेगळी ही ममता, जगावेगळी अंगाई

( for simplicity In English)

nimbonichya zadamage, chandra zopala ga bai
aaj mazya padsala, zop ka ga yet nahi
(nimbonichya zadamage, chandra zopala ga bai)- 2

(gaay zopali gothyat, gharatyat chivutai)- 2
parsat veleevar, zopali ga jaai jooyi
(meet pakalya dolyanchya)- 2, gaate toola mee aangai
aaj mazya padsala, zop ka ga yet nahi
nimbonichya zadamage, chandra zopala ga bai

(devaki nase mi bala, bhagya yashodeche bhaali)- 2
tooze dukha ghenyasaathi, keli padarachi zolee
(jagavegali hi mamta) – 2, jagavegali hi angayi
aaj mazya padsala, zop ka ga yet nahi
(nimbonichya zadamage, chandra zopala ga bai)- 2

[ritya palanyachi dori, ure aaj mazya hati
swapna ek udhalun gele, maay lekarachi nati
hundka galyashi yeta, gavu kashi mi angaai
aaj mazya padsala, zop ka ga yet nahi
(nimbonichya zadamage, chandra zopala ga bai)- 2]

In short, it’s a song; more of a lullaby of a mother personifying moon sleeping peacefully, undisturbed in the shade of a lemon tree. Seeing the moon sleep she rocks the crying child in her arms and tries to put the baby to sleep.

Committment_ an Overrated Fact !!

Commitment is overrated these days. Now commitment can be to anything, it can be to habits, duties, responsibilities, and relationships, sex, wholly to materialistic & immateriality (no relevance & lacking importance) entities. Commitment to any of the above induces ideas, ideas that change the static mindset of an individual.

The most strangest of all the commitments is the to nothing. Be that as it may, it becomes a parasite over a period time. When such a development takes place, it starts to feed upon the person’s creativity, potential, productivity & of all the things one’s peace of mind. As said before about the influential nature of one’s commitments inducing ideas or influencing ideologies, it meddles(interferes) with oneself’s & others concern. This intervention is a mere a train of thought yet powerful to persuade one to keep him bound. Meddling can be good, a necessary evil at times to do something good, productive or just depressing ideology of an person to destroy, obliterate, annihilate something that is already productive left to the tenacity, determination & perseverance of the individual.

Now the question arises as to why such a fuss about the “Commitment”? Man is a social animal as we have learnt of since our learning age, he is intelligent, pervasive(persistent), cogent, diplomatic, ability to make decisions, ability to sense things. “Commitment” too is a pervasive sense of feeling every person is determined to feel.

/* Still in making */

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